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Downloadable Manuals

Download Land Rover Manuals for Free. Equipment Information: Wiring Diagrams / Parts List / Pinouts / ect:

Defender Heated Mirrors

Take a peek at Nick's Defender Heated Mirror Job. A hole page with comprehensive instructions to help you on your why to clear vision.

300Tdi VNT Turbo

Allard Turbo Sport VNT Turbo Fitted to our Land Rover 300 Tdi Defender
Rolling Road setup by - Jeremy Fearn - (164 BHP at the wheels and 286lb.ft torque)

Off Road Fun

Off roading Archive Pictures.
Winch Challenges / Novice / Clubman / Extreme and more....

CH4x4 Diff Pans

Challenger 4x4 Heavy Duty Defender Diff Pans.
Prepared and fitted by Nick - Welding by Mark at MJA 4x4


The 2,000,000
90 Defender to roll of the line.

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The Original Since 2004

Heated Mirrors


300Tdi VNT





Over the past few years the old xtremelandy.co.uk site got a bit neglected and slowed down to a halt!
This was mainly due to not knowing if we we're able to keep the Domain name due to copyrights belonging to Land Rover themselves.
But now with the permission from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) we are back on it and look forward in keeping up the websites good name.
Please come in and take a look at the new website, and watch it develop over time.
All of the Original Xtremelandy Pictures / Manuals / Help / Ect - will eventually get put on here.
Plus much more in 'Vehicle Prep' for a bit of inspiration, and how we did it!
Xtremelandy.uk is a site dedicated to the enthusiastic community of Land Rovers owners.
land rover vehicle build pictures, information and help.
Come and take a look at some of the great links in the 'link page' of quality company's and their services.
Xtremelandy.uk has no contact details ! This is because Xtremelandy is a none profitable website and doesn't have any services to offer.

Thanks all

Site last update: 08/10/2018

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